How do I set publication and expiration dates on a navigation tile?

You can both set a publication date and an expiration date on a navigation tile. 

How to do this?

Important: if you want to add tiles to a specific page, you should first activate the tile module on this page. Read "How can I set up a tile menu within pages or categories?" Then continue with the following steps. 

  • Create your first tile by giving it a name and clicking on 'Add'.
  • The newly created tile will be saved and visible on the bottom of the page now. By default, this tile will get the publication date of the moment you have clicked on 'Add'.
  • You can now adjust this publication date to, for example, the go-live date of the campaign or the release date of the new brand assets.
  • Furthermore, you can also adjust the expiration date to, for example, the last day of the order window.