How do I set up order approvals in advance?

By setting up a workflow and selecting 'In advance' in the settings.

If your users need approval before they download items*, start creating templates, or order products, you can set up approvals in advance by setting up a workflow and selecting 'In advance' in the settings:

  • Go to 'Admin' > 'Workflows'.

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  • Give the workflow a name and description (optional). 
  • Select the approvers.
  • In the settings, select:
    • Status: 'Active'
    • Type: 'Default'
    • Time: 'In advance'

Knowledge Base workflow in advance

To activate the workflow for the product or template, you need to adjust the product settings: 

  • Go to 'Products' and edit the product or template to which the workflow should apply.
  • Scroll down to 'Workflow' in the settings.
  • Choose the desired workflow from the list.
  • Click 'Workflow active'.
  • Save the product.

Knowledge base workflow active

*Workflows for downloadable items only apply to products. This means you can't set up a workflow for media library (DAM) assets. If you want to set up a workflow for an asset, you need to create a product for this asset.