What is the difference between Label, Default value and Placeholder?

At first, these fields might seem confusing when setting up variables in Template Studio. Let us take you through the definitions!


This is the name you give to the variable that will also be shown to your users. Labels in the Template Studio are directly copied from the names of labels in your InDesign file.

This field is always required.

Default Value

This is the text that will be shown on the template by default. For single and multi-line variables, this text will already be entered in the field when your users open the template and will, therefore, also be on the preview. They can then choose to alter this text.
The default value will be copied from the InDesign file that you upload.


The placeholder can be used to give your users an idea of what to enter in a certain field. The placeholder will only be shown when the field is empty and will not appear on the preview itself.
If both have been used, the Placeholder will only appear after the Default Value has been removed from the field.