How do I share the briefing for a template?

Via FTP.

We would like to receive all briefings via our FTP.

When it's the first time briefing us on a template, you would have to request access first to your specific client folder. 

After receiving your credentials:

  • Download FileZilla and install the file on your computer
  • Go through the steps until you get to the ‘extensions’ window and put the following in: host:, port: 21, and your personal credentials
  • Click on ‘quick connect’. It is an FTP, not SFTP. That's why you will be notified ‘insecure FTP connection’. You can click ‘OK’.
  • On the left, you will see a folder with ‘local site’, and on the right a folder with ‘remote site’. The remote site is the FTP server where the files should be placed.
  • The files can be ‘dragged & dropped’ from left to right.
  • When the files have been transferred please send an email to (including a short briefing on the variables).