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How do I setup a page?

'Pages > 'New' > 'Save & Edit'

  • Go to 'Pages' within the category 'Pages' from the sidebar.
  • Select 'New' page.
  • Fill in the title in the middle and add a description and/or content (both are optional). Click 'Save & edit'. Then check 'Settings'.

Create new page edit

Settings are:

  • -Status: Active / inactive
  • Visibility: Hidden / Visible
  • Publication date (select a future date to plan a publication date)
  • Sidebar position: Select where (and if) you want de sidebar to appear. Note: Make sure that you check the module "sidebar" as well:

 Schermafbeelding 2022-09-21 om 11.46.31

  • Thumbnail: It's optional to add a thumbnail to the page. You can choose an image or a video (5 sec. preview). This thumbnail will be shown when you create another page with an overview of pages (check module: related content).

After you have created the page, you are able to link to it from:

  • Navigation bar
  • Tile menu
  • Direct link
  • Related Content (pages and categories):

Schermafbeelding Pages