How do I brief a filter for a Branded Template?

The filter is an important element of a Branded Template. There's a wide range of business rules we can use in the filter such as masking of fields (making a certain format for i.e the phone numbers required), making certain fields required, setting up a maximum amount of characters for a field, or working with a drop-down with multiple backgrounds/image options in it. 

Always share the name of the filter field together with the placeholder and the possible business rule. 

This could be the briefing for a business card template:

Page 1
First name - Lorem - 12 characters max
Last name - Ipsum - 20 characters max
Job function - Support Agent 
Mail address - - dropdown switch
Phone number - 06 12 34 56 78 - masked XX XX XX XX XX

Page 2

Background - Amsterdam office/Portland office - dropdown switch