Do you offer a training for users of the portal?

Training the central users (admins) is a standard part of the implementation process.
Decentralized users, such as branch employees, do not fall under the standard implementation process. Optionally, training courses for this user group are also possible. This can be done in various ways:
  • One-on-one training: Marvia's CSM visits the branches and gives a personal training to the users in the Brand Portal of the customer (45 min, max. 3 participants);
  • Group training: Marvia's CSM provides live training at headquarters to the users in the client's Brand Portal (1.5 hours, max. 20 participants per session);
  • Webinar: Marvia's CSM provides an online training to the users in the customer's Brand Portal (45 min, unlimited number of participants);
  • Instruction video: production of customized instruction video in your own Brand Portal including instructions